My Confident Hope

His ways are not our ways….

I wrote this blog awhile back on MySpace and thought I would share it here. Everyday I see the ravaging effects that sin has on people, many of them innocent victims of this sin. It is hard with my human mind to grasp why God allows these things to happen…especially to children. All I know is that His ways are not our ways and I have to trust His promise that He is working all things out for the good.

I came across some poetry that I had written about 8 years ago when I first started working with kids that had emotional and behavioral disorders. The stories that I heard from these kids only began to uncover the tip of the iceburg. Over the past 8 years, I have seen the devestating effects that physical, emotional, and sexual abuse have had on children. My heart breaks for what these kids have been through. On the flip side of this I have seen what care, concern, and love can do to heal a child. I am honored to be apart of that process.

I titled my poem “Is There a God?” I have been asked why I use that line. I believe that our concept of God is shaped by our experiences, especially those that we had as children. For those of us who grew up in fairly functional homes, the concept of God as our father, mother, sister, brother, friend, etc is not a difficult concept for us to grasp. But what about the child that was sexually abused by a father, mother, sister, brother, friend, etc.? They can not even begin to grasp this concept. That is why I think it is important to break down the walls of pain and hurt before a person who has suffered these things can even begin to have a healthy relationship with God. Once you deal, with these things, then God can come in and heal the wounds completely. Maybe my theology is a little off. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that God is the answer for all our problems and that He can instantanously heal someone of years of hurt, abuse, bitterness, etc. For most people though, this journey takes years and is a difficult process. There never is a full healing until this person enters into a personal relationship with God.

“Is There a God?”

They sit all alone and cry bitter tears
No one to hear all their pain and their fears;
And they wonder to themselves, if there really is a God,
Then where is He at when life gets too hard?

They’re not afraid of dying but afraid to live life,
And to be all alone when the day turns to night.
Is there anybody out there that they can call a friend,
Someone to stand by them forever to the end?

Is there anybody out there who even understands,
Someone to lend them a strong helping hand?
But they sit in their silence afraid to take a chance,
To risk their broken hearts to another circumstance.

And so they sit all alone, lost in despair
Not seeing the hand reaching out to care.
And they wonder to themselves, if there really is a God
Then where is He at when life gets too hard?


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