My Confident Hope

My Dad

Well, since it is almost Father’s Day, I thought that it was only fitting that I should write about my dad. My dad is definitely his own man. He loves golf, NC State football, his family and God(but not necessarily in that order!). I joke with him that when he gets old all we have to do is put him in a recliner in front of his big screen plasma tv and as long as he can watch Fox News, ESPN, and the Golf Channel he will be happy. My dad loved his kids but hated recitals and there were many over the years. Piano, trumpet, clarinet, voice, band,and choir recitals. He would stay long enough for my brother and I to do our thing and then he would leave,but at least he came. Even to what he called our “Salvation Army Band” recitals. I got my sense of humor from my dad. My dad’s way of showing affection is to pick on you. I guess I should be scarred for life but I knew that was my dad and I knew that he loved me. Last Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law and I were picking on my dad and he got irritated at us. I looked across the table at him and said, “You can’t get mad at me, I am my father’s daughter!” He laughed and told me I was right. We call him the “Gadget and Gizmo Guy”. If there is an electronic device, he has it. He had a GPS before most everybody else did. He even has a GPS for golf courses!

If there is one major lesson that I have learned from my dad, it is you are never too old to do God’s will. He lost his job after 25 years of working with the same company. While he was out of a job, I never saw him panic. He knew that God was going to take care of it. He began to feel that God wanted him to work at the church that they went too. My mom had been teaching at the Christian school for years. It turned out, that they needed a business manager and my dad was hired. He still works there. Both of my parents have been an example of faithfulness to God, and to their family.


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