My Confident Hope

Adventures in Residential Treatment

I have been working in residential treatment for about 8 1/2 years. To say there is never a dull moment is an understatement. I have been on hiking trips from Hades, I have fallen over fences chasing kids in an animal pen. I have had restrained a child in an open field in the middle of a thunderstorm, I have chased a kid down a street in the middle of the night, I have visited my share of psychiatric hospitals, I have tromped through the woods and the marsh in every weather condition imaginable. I have chased a snake out of a cabin, I followed a kid down a busy road and crossed the overpass of I-95, and the list could go on and on. The one experience that I have yet to have was evacuating for a hurricane. So far I have managed to escape this experience but I came close last week with Tropical Storm Fay. There is nothing like a storm to get your anxiety level up. Especially when it looked like the storm was going to go back into the ocean and then hit land as a hurricane. Luckily it did not do that, but here in South Georgia the threat of tornadoes is very real. That was what we more concerned about. So, last Thursday night 4 of us decided to stay and spend the night on campus just in case we were needed. Luckily during the night it went a little more south than they thought so we escaped the tornadoes. We did have lots of rain and wind but we counted ourselves lucky.

My office during TS Fay

My office during TS Fay

My office before TS Fay

My office before TS FayMy office during TS Fay


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