My Confident Hope

Bull in a China Shop

Graceful is not a word that anyone would use to describe me. I have been this way for most of my life. My dad used to tell me I was an accident waiting for a place to happen. When I was 10 or 11, I tripped over first base my first day of rec league softball. As I lay there spread eagle in the dirt, one of teammates christended me with the nickname Tripper, and it stuck…..probably because I kept falling down! It eventually got shortened to Trip and it stuck with me until I graduated from high school. I rememebe the first year we got baseball pants to go with our uniforms and the very first game, I put a big hole in the knee of my pants sliding into 2nd base. Then there was basketball. I think I would have been better than I was if I could have stayed on my feet more. When I started playing, I was one of the youngest,shortest players out there and I got knocked around alot by everybody. The running joke was, that they did not have to sweep the gym floor after I got done playing because I had done it for them. I fell down a flight of stairs in college because I was cramming for a test and missed a stair and fell. This resulted in a pinched nerve in my shoulder. Somehow I managed to bounce off the wall. I bruised my tailbone when I fell roller skating. That really hurt. I even managed to stab myself in the back. Okay see what had happened was, I washed dishes and instead of putting the sharp knife point down in the drying rack, I left it blade up. I live in an old house that you have to pull a string to turn on and off the light. As I went to pull the string, my badly sprained knee, buckled on me, causing me to fall backward at which time the knife stabbed me in the back.

Today was my latest adventure. I was going after a kid that decided that he wanted to go play with the animals. He climbed over the fence, jumped down and headed across the pond to the woods. I had to go after him and I got to the top of the fence and realized it was a long way down. As I got ready to jump, I hesitated long enough to lose my balance and fell very awkwardly. As I lay in the dirt, I realized that I was not 25 anymore  and I had no business trying to jump over fences. After the situation was resolved, I found myself at the Urgent Care very much in pain. I had managed to injure my sacroiliac joint. So, the doc sent me home with instructions to ice it frequently and gave me some medication and told me to come back on Tuesday. So much for gracefulness!


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