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Sunday Setlist for 9/28/09

Sunday Setlist for House of Worship and Ministries Jesup, Ga

We had a little bit of an unusual service today. We opened with Friend of God and then our pastor spoke about prophecy and how the stock market and all played into it. He referenced Ezeikel in which God crippled their economy before He brought judgment upon Israel. It was quite sobering. We then went into Draw Me Close. The pastor then spoke on change…..the change from the old man to the new.

Evening service

This Is How We Overcome-Hillsong

Better is One Day-Matt Redman

Moving Forward-Ricardo Sanchez-Free Chapel

Above All-Michael W. Smith ( I did the verse as a solo….hadn’t sung that one in awhile so I was a little nervous plus I was a little hoarse and the song is in the upper part of my range but I think I pulled it off ok)

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever-Martin Smith

This post is in collaboration with Fred Mckinnon and the Sunday Setlist


The Voice of a Savior

It is becoming more and more evident in the world that we live in, that people are searching for something. They may fill it with drugs, alcohol, relationships, money, ambition, and even religion. None of those things will bring the peace that so many are searching for. That void is can only be filled by God. This song touches me every time I hear it. Most of us at some time or another have tried to fill a void in our life with something other than God, only to find that it left us emptier than we were before. It is the voice of the Saviors that we are longing to hear. Even though that voice may be drowned out by the world, it never stops calling out to us. It is when we stop and listen that the voice comes in loud and clear leading us to a place of everlasting peace.

Don’t Just Live There…..Do Something!

During the month of September, Mandy has used her blog as a forum to push us all out of our comfort zones and to DoSomething in the communities where we live. When she asked for volunteers, I jumped at the opportunity to talk about what I DO to make a difference in the lives of children who have been abused, neglected, and abandoned.

Right now there are over half a million children in foster care in the United States. 15,000 of those children are from the state of Georgia. 38% of these children in Georgia are considered special needs. 2500 foster kids live in group homes or institutions. This is what I DO. I work in a residential treatment center for kids that are mentally retarded ( this means that they have an IQ of 70 or below) and have severe emotional and behavioral disorders such as ADHD, PTSD, ODD, Conduct Disorder, Bipolar, and Schizoaffective Disorder. We also deal with Reactive Attachment Disorder and Spectrum Disorders such as Asperberger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Development Disorder, and Autism.

We are one of few facilities in the state of Georgia that deals with this population of kids. Right now we have 55 children, both boys and girls ranging in age from 11-18. All of our kids are in the custody of the Department of Child and Family Services. These are children that have been abused, neglected, and bounced around from placement to placement. The average child has been in about 19 other placements prior to coming to Morningstar. This includes relative placements, foster homes, group homes, and psychiatric hospitalizations.

One of my favorite stories of Jesus is His response to the disciples after they tried to send the children away because they thought Jesus was too busy to deal with children. He rebuked the disciples for sending them away and gathered the children to Himself and blessed them. This clearly shows the love that Jesus had for children. He saw them as the key to His kingdom and not troubled, neglected, abused, or delinquent. My prayer everyday as I go to work is that I will see these kids through the eyes of Jesus, Especially the more difficult ones. I pray that these kids see Jesus in me in everything I Do. Like when I offer a shoulder to cry on when images of past abuse haunt them. When I walk down the road hand in hand with a child as she dreams about belonging to a family someday. Even as I sometimes sit in silence with a child who is not able to verbalize how they feeling but they just know they are sad. When being silly and laughing gives them an opportunity to regain some of their lost childhood. By offering support when a child meets his biological mother for the first time, since he was removed from her care as an infant. Showing unconditional love no matter how many times I have been cursed at or threatened. Sometimes I feel as if these children have touched my life even more than I have touched theirs. It is the child who runs with arms open wide to hug me like a three year old would, except he is seventeen. It is the child that told me one day that he prayed for me last night. It is the hugs, the laughter, the tears, that keeps me Doing. This is where God has put me to Do something that will make a difference in the life of a child and ultimately the kingdom of God.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do…..

Ok so I had this like Cops moment last night. I was in bed, watching tv when I heard a police car coming down my street with the siren on. I remembered thinking it must be something serious because that is not a sound that I normally hear in my small, mostly quiet town. I shrugged it off and finished my show about 11:00 and turned off the tv, took that last trip to the bathroom and layed down for the night. The windows in my bedroom face the street and I noticed there was something flashing outside. It looked like heat lightening on speed. I opened the french doors that lead out to my porch and I see all these police cars parked at the corner, with their lights flashing. I then looked down and see two police men with flashlights looking in the bushes in the side yard. I heard them say something about footprints and they even found a plastic WalMart bag. Then they walked to the back of the house.  The best that I could figure out, was they were pursuing someone who I guess decided to use my yard to hide out in. This went on for awhile and finally about midnight, the cops all left and there I was all by myself not knowing if the culprit had been aprehended. Needless to say, I got very little sleep last night. I slept with the tv on most of the night. Hopefully tonight I will sleep better.

You Know You’re A Redneck….Part 2

In case you missed Part 1 you can check it out here. So, yesterday was Outdoor Sunday at my church. This is a special day to get men to come to church. Hunting, fishing, 4 wheeling and food…..what man would not want to come to church. This is our third year doing this but it never ceases to crack me up that people get all decked out in their camo just to come to church. I am pretty sure that South Georgia is one of the few areas that could actually pull this off. I have to admit it is alot of fun and gives us an opportunity to minister to people that might not otherwise come to church. So, once a year I pull out my camo pants and head off to church to celebrate the great outdoors

Never to uoung to start

Never to young to start

I Love Jesus but I Drink A Little

I came across this today and thought it was hysterical. Have a good laugh and enjoy!

Before and After….

What my desk looks like at the beginning of the week

What my desk looks like at the beginning of the week

What my desk looks like by Friday afternoon

What my desk looks like by Friday afternoon

I try to start my week neat and organized but unfortunately it does not stay that way. I end up with lots of piles. That is my organizational system of choice. This week was full of paperwork and so that is why my desk looks like this. I did clean it up at the end of the day so I can start my week off right!