My Confident Hope

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do…..

Ok so I had this like Cops moment last night. I was in bed, watching tv when I heard a police car coming down my street with the siren on. I remembered thinking it must be something serious because that is not a sound that I normally hear in my small, mostly quiet town. I shrugged it off and finished my show about 11:00 and turned off the tv, took that last trip to the bathroom and layed down for the night. The windows in my bedroom face the street and I noticed there was something flashing outside. It looked like heat lightening on speed. I opened the french doors that lead out to my porch and I see all these police cars parked at the corner, with their lights flashing. I then looked down and see two police men with flashlights looking in the bushes in the side yard. I heard them say something about footprints and they even found a plastic WalMart bag. Then they walked to the back of the house.  The best that I could figure out, was they were pursuing someone who I guess decided to use my yard to hide out in. This went on for awhile and finally about midnight, the cops all left and there I was all by myself not knowing if the culprit had been aprehended. Needless to say, I got very little sleep last night. I slept with the tv on most of the night. Hopefully tonight I will sleep better.


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