My Confident Hope


Every year there are some people in our church who put on a rodeo. It started out as a small venue but over the past 10 years, it has become a rather large event in this area. Today, we had 1400 elementary kids from all over the county show up to see some of what they do at the rodeo. There was bull riding, team roping, and barrel racing. The kids loved it. Our pastor and Mr. Harry MC’d the event and they even gave the kids a free ticket in hopes that these kids will bring their parents out on Friday and Saturday night. You see, this is not your average rodeo. This rodeo is evangelistic in nature. We have a gospel sing and this year, our pastor is going to hold Cowboy Church in the areana for everyone to hear. There will literally be thousands of people who will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

My job today was to help put together bag lunches for the kids. We busily put hotdogs, and chips, and fruit in a paper bag for the kids to have for lunch. After all the lunches were passed out and the kids were fed and on their way back to school, our pastor was talking to those of us who had volunteered to help and he made the comment that we had an opportunity to minister to 1400 kids today and hopefully the eternity of some of these kids was impacted. It seemed so small in the whole scheme of things but I am humbled to have been apart of being able to do something that will have a lasting affect.


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