My Confident Hope

My Week at Twitter

Last week was busy so I didn’t get around to this post so here it is back again!

Merry Christmakwnazauka!! Just trying to be politically correct!! Merry Christmas anyway! – Opening christmas gifts

Eating christmas eve dinner @ Waffle House

Change of plans. We r now @ Taco Mac

Going to Christmas Eve service with the fam!

Stick a fork n me im done 4 the week! Atl here i come!

Spending 10 hours n a van with 5 teenage girls….pergatory!!

Just ordered 17 double cheeseburger meals from Mickey Ds!

Leaving @ 5am 2 go 2 Atl with 25 MR SEBD kids. Prayers appreciated! – Sonja is reserved 4 a man of God

looking forward to sleeping on my new mattress tonite!! – What 2 get the person who has everything

My name is NOT Milton Bradley and I do not play games!!


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