My Confident Hope

Rock Bottom

Having worked in the mental health field for the past nine years, there is not much that shocks or disturbs me anymore! When I tell stories about things that hapeen or have happened at work, I get this “you gotta be making up this stuff up” look. Believe me, I wish I was most of the time. Yesterday though, I had one of those moments that just shook me to the core. Most of my experiences with psychiatric hospitals have been the state hospitals and they are usually get ’em in and get out!  I never thought much about it, because to me the state hopsital is synonomous with the looney bin and believe me, I have seen people carrying on conversations with people who are not there! In a desperate attempt to stabilize a child, we ended up at a private facility. I spent quite a few hours there trying to make this thing work, at least for the weekend anyway. As I was getting ready to leave, a group of people walked by and they were not your normal run of the mill people that you see at the state hospital and it rocked me because there was a point in my life that I could have ended up in a place just like this. What made me different? What was it that kept me from totally disconnecting from life. It could have been me just as easily as anyone else. I hit rock bottom about 10 years ago and it has been a difficult journey back but I can honestly say that I have made it to the other side.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of my story. I don’t know how many parts this may end up being but I don’t want it to be too much at one time. Also, this is really the first time I have talked about this in depth so it  may take me some time to work up the courage to tell it all. I know that we overcome the enemy the by the power of our testimony and maybe in the process be able to be an encouragement to someone who is going through some simialr things.


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