My Confident Hope

Never Going Back to Okay

Immmmmmmmmmmm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! I know it has been awhile since I have written a post and in that time, lots of ideas have floated around my head but the energy to actually write something was just not there.

Anyway, sometimes we have to fall flat on our face or end up flat on our backs… my case it was both… realize that  just getting by in life is not enough. So many times we settle for okay when God wants to give us abundant life. Yeah, living life hurts and we sometimes just go through the motions of living because we don’t want to get hurt or feel the hurt. If we want to live the life that God has for us, then we need to live. I have decided during this season of my life I am not going back to okay. I am striving to find life and to live it more abundantly.

The lyrics to the song  Never Going Back to Okay by The Afters, describe exactly how I feel. Watch the video also, this is a great song.It’s not the end, but it feels like it is
I’m waking up, like I’m back from the dead
I’m stepping out, and I feel so free
But as long as I’m moving it’s all right

I feel alive, and it hurts for a change
No looking back
It’s hard to believe that I was cool
With the days that I wasted
Complacent and tasteless and bored
But that was yesterday…

We’re never going back to OK (OK)
We’re never going back to easy
We’re never going back to the way it was
We’re never going back to OK

This discontent, like a slap in the face
I’m mediocre, I’ve had enough of this place
This party’s over, and I’m moving away
from the thrills of your Beverly Hills
That was yesterday…


One response

  1. amy

    Its soo cool how music can capture our hearts and minds at glad you are back!

    May 23, 2009 at 9:28 pm

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