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Response to Rant

I received an email from a friend about my rant last week. She very kindly disagreed with some of the things that I had to say. I guess you can say we agree to disagree on politics and we rarely discuss them but she felt the need to respond to my post. She gave me the link to an article to check out, so I thought I would share a different view point. I agree that we need some kind of reform in health care, but how to do get it done is the magic answer that everyone is looking for. So, take a second and check out the article and draw your own conclusion.


Still My God

It is comforting to know no matter where we are or what is going on in our lives, that God is still God. I have been so strongly reminded of that recently and because of that, there is peace in the midst of the storm.

Love this new song by Avalon


I am sitting  in the hospital room of my 85 year old grandmother who suffered two heart attacks on Thursday. They had to go in and put three stints in her artery to open it up. She seems to be doing well at this point, but the thing that really makes me angry is that if we were under Obama’s Health care plan, we would be burying my grandmother. They would have decided that a 85 year old woman with heart disease would not be worth saving. Who in the world gets to make that decision other than God. That is what is going to happen if we do not continue to fight this health care thing. Do you want the gov’t deciding who is worth saving and who is not? That is exactly what happened during the holocaust. The eldery and infirm were the first to go under Hitler’s regime. We are quickly headed that direction under our Socialists, Marxist President.

Well, that is my rant for today…..what a way to come back after a long sabbatical. It just really makes me angry that my grandmother could be dead instead of alive and well and talking to her family.