My Confident Hope


Response to Rant

I received an email from a friend about my rant last week. She very kindly disagreed with some of the things that I had to say. I guess you can say we agree to disagree on politics and we rarely discuss them but she felt the need to respond to my post. She gave me the link to an article to check out, so I thought I would share a different view point. I agree that we need some kind of reform in health care, but how to do get it done is the magic answer that everyone is looking for. So, take a second and check out the article and draw your own conclusion.


My Thoughts on Sarah Palin

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that the Presidential election was between Obama and Palin. Ever since John McCain introduced her as his running mate, they have gone after her like a rabid dog after a squirrel. This tells me that they are scared to death of this woman. I personally think it is quite hilarious at all the apple carts that she has turned over. She has taken her shots like a man while all the while doing it with grace and feminity. I think that is why so many women have connected with her. She comes across as just an average woman, but really she is anything but. I had the chance to watch her interview with Charlie Gibson Friday night. I thought it was funny how they kept trying to trip her up. She handled it well I thought. I also liked her answers to the controversial subjects of abortion and homosexuality. She stated her personal opinion but was in no way judgemental. I think that is what is so lacking sometimes, especially in Evangelical circles. We have our beliefs and we are going to beat people over the head with them. We lack Grace and that is what Sarah Palin showed in that interview.

November is just around the corner and we will elect a new president. I really am not that concerned about the outcome. I know that reagardless of who is sworn into office, that this is the man who God ordained as such a time as this. After all, look at how God used pagan kings in the Bible to bring about His will. God will do the same be it Obama or McCain. I know my vote is for the King of Kings!

This video is of Tina Fey doing an impersonnation of Sarah Palin. Whether you like Palin or not, I don’t care who you are that’s funny right there!