My Confident Hope


It’s Been a Year….

Today, exactly one year ago, I began the blogging adventure. I wasn’t sure what I find when I embarked upon this journey but I have to say that I am glad I was along for the ride. I have gotten to know some really awesome people and even had a chance to go to a blog party in November in Atlant. I really enjoyed meeting people face to face. I have laughed and cried, been encouraged, and challenged by this adventure called blogging. Anyway, I decided to link some of my favorite posts over the past year.

You Know You Are In A Pentecostal Church When-This is a funny story about something that happened to me at church

Adventures in Residential Treatment-The night we waited out a tropical storm at work

Bull In A China Shop-The time I fell off the fence

Don’t Just Live There….Do Something-This was part of a month of posts for making a difference in our part of the world…this was my contribution

I Love Jesus but I Drink A Little-Hysterical video from Ellen

The Simplicity of the Gospel-How we make things harder than it is

Mess Up to Step Up-My favorite quote from Grey’s Anatomy


Weekend Update

Well, actually this will probably be more of a week update rather than a weekend but lets see how much information I can cram in this post!

On the job side, things were pretty crazy at work this week. We had to submit a corrective action plan to Provider Relations (people who monitor our kids progress) for some time sensitive documents that we were deficient in (sorry for all the jargon). In our original submission, we set a date of November 15 to have it all completed. Well, on Monday, they decide to tell us that it needs to be done by November 7, Friday. We went to work but lo and behold, the printer decided to quit working when I had pages and pages of things that needed printing. It was Friday before they were able to get us a new one. While faxing massive amounts of paperwork to caseworkers for signatures, I joked about us blowing up the fax machine. Then next day, I had several emails stating they could not read what was faxed and could I resend it. So, I was faxing wherever I could find one that worked.

Monday night I went to dinner with my favorite people for a belated birthday celebration. It was good to just laugh and be with friends.  Then on Tuesday was the election and by then I was ready for it all to be over! I went to the podiatrist that afternoon because my foot was not getting better and found out that I had a stress fracture. They put me in this stylish shoe for a couple of weeks. Flew back home and managed to be late for choir practice. We were supposed to be practicing our parts on the Christmas musical, but our leader decided to tell us her story of the deer that got away when she went hunting on Monday. Yes, I guess my friends are redneck, although she cleans up quite well!

Wednesday was more of the same at work and left work and went straight to AWANA. I was exhausted at the end of the day! Thursday was about the same and finally Friday was here. I went in to work at 7:00 so I could leave at 3:00 and get to Atalanta. I didn’t quite get everything finished at work so I have that waiting for me Monday morning.  Friday night I landed at my cousins house and it was nice to just be with family. We got up on Saturday and helped clean house and get ready for the LSU/Bama game. I made cupcakes and watched the first half of the game and then was off to the Fickle Pickle for a blog party. It was a little intimidating at first to go into a place where I knew no one. I was glad that I went. I met some really neat people and it is encouraging to see that so many people from all different walks of life can be brought together under a common hobby, blogging. I am glad that I had the opportunity to be apart of that last night.

Now, it is Sunday morning and I am blogging and drinking coffee and getting ready to go visit my grandmother and then head home to start the madness all over again!

Heavy Hearted

Tonight I am heavy hearted. I love the work I do but there are days that it realy emotions just couldn’t make sense of it. Today was a day that I questioned why evil is allowed to run rampant in this world. Today was a day that I wondered why children had to suffer for the sins of someone else. I know God is good and I know God is in control but these are the days that I can’t make it all make sense. The good thing is, God knows my heart and my heavy heartedness and while these questions may never be answered here on earth, I know that one day I will understand it all.This is an old song but it has been rolling around in my head all night.

Deep Thoughts

This week has been a really crazy week for me. I have probably traveled over 1000 miles this week with kids for work. On Monday we went to Atlanta and that trip turned into the trip from Hades. Everything that could go wrong did and at some point it became downright hysterical. The driver’s side window shattered when one of the kids shut the door for me. We had 2/70 air conditioning at that point. 2 windows down going 70 miles an hour. I caught my self sounding like my mother. Some boys in the back of the van starting arguing and cutting up and me in my most intimidating voice….”If I have to pull this van over, somebody will not be going on the next trip.” It got real quiet, real fast.

Then end of the month is crazy as far as paperwork is concerned and so I was super busy on Tuesday trying to get it all done and then I found out I had to go on another trip Wednesday. I sat in my office and cried because I was so tired. I went to physical therapy and I didn’t get out of my car good when one of my girls was going crazy. I get her calmed down and then another one runs out of the cottage and I am trying to run behind her but I am not supposed to be running and I hurt my back some more. I had one try to flash me and my male co-worker and another one trying to climb through a window.

Wednesday was a trip to Valdosta. This one went much smoother because I left several of the acting up ones behind. I had one girl that I told the nurse needed to have her hearing checked because she was so loud. Never a dull moment.

Today has been a good day. Our boss brought in breakfast this morning and then we had a meeting telling us all the things we are supposed to be doing that we aren’t because we didn’t know we were supposed too. My friend Amanda’s birthday is today so we took up a collection and got her a gift card. We went to Longhorn Steak house to get it and my friend Emily that went with me, works there part time and the manager gave us free food so that was fun. I came back from physical therapy in time to chase another kid. My friend Amanda and I decided that we were going to start writing down things that the kids say to us and we are going to write a book. They can be so funny sometime. She had a boy today that told her to tell her dog to say hey to him. This kid loves dogs but will kick the cats when he sees them on campus!

I am looking forward to tomorrow. We are having a party at Amanda’s tomorrow night for her birthday and then I am going to rest and take it easy on Saturday.

Well, contrary to the title there was really no deep thoughts but just my week in a nutshell. Inspite of all the craziness, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Before and After….

What my desk looks like at the beginning of the week

What my desk looks like at the beginning of the week

What my desk looks like by Friday afternoon

What my desk looks like by Friday afternoon

I try to start my week neat and organized but unfortunately it does not stay that way. I end up with lots of piles. That is my organizational system of choice. This week was full of paperwork and so that is why my desk looks like this. I did clean it up at the end of the day so I can start my week off right!

Adventures in Residential Treatment

I have been working in residential treatment for about 8 1/2 years. To say there is never a dull moment is an understatement. I have been on hiking trips from Hades, I have fallen over fences chasing kids in an animal pen. I have had restrained a child in an open field in the middle of a thunderstorm, I have chased a kid down a street in the middle of the night, I have visited my share of psychiatric hospitals, I have tromped through the woods and the marsh in every weather condition imaginable. I have chased a snake out of a cabin, I followed a kid down a busy road and crossed the overpass of I-95, and the list could go on and on. The one experience that I have yet to have was evacuating for a hurricane. So far I have managed to escape this experience but I came close last week with Tropical Storm Fay. There is nothing like a storm to get your anxiety level up. Especially when it looked like the storm was going to go back into the ocean and then hit land as a hurricane. Luckily it did not do that, but here in South Georgia the threat of tornadoes is very real. That was what we more concerned about. So, last Thursday night 4 of us decided to stay and spend the night on campus just in case we were needed. Luckily during the night it went a little more south than they thought so we escaped the tornadoes. We did have lots of rain and wind but we counted ourselves lucky.

My office during TS Fay

My office during TS Fay

My office before TS Fay

My office before TS FayMy office during TS Fay