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Little Brother Goes To Thailand

My brother left on Monday to go to Thailand on a missions trip with his church. When I was up there visiting last weekend, he was really excited about the opportunity even though he would miss his wife and kids. I think this is a great  opportunity for him and I hope that someday, I will have the opportunity to go on a missions trip somewhere. When we were growing up, our church did not put alot of emphasis on missions and never had the opportunity to do it before.

Please pray for Brian and his group while they are there that God will open doors that have previously been shut. They will be witnessing to people who may not have ever heard the Gospel before. Pray that the seed that will be planted will fall on fertile soil and that the missionaries there will be able to water and to hopefully sow the seed. Also,pray that God will protect their hearts and their minds while they are over there. I am sure the spiritual warfare is strong right now. Anyway, just wanted to brag on my brother a bit and let everybody know what he is up too.Brian in ThailandBrian in Malaysia Airport