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The subject of worship has been rolling around in my head for awhile. I just don’t think we really get it. I know for a long time I didn’t understand what it was or why it was so important. We were discussing this at choir practice last night. It is so hard sometimes, to get people to actually worship. How sad is the church today if we cannot get the average person to engage in worship to a Holy God who has saved us and sustains our life on a daily basis. Have we become that arrogant? Maybe it has to do with the fact that the average church person is bound up in all kinds of ways. Satan does not necessarily want Christians to turn their backs on God, but if he can get them bound up, then he can make them ineffective and that probably describes the average Christian in a church on Sunday. They are bound up in addictions, emotions, unhealthy relationships, wordliness, etc. That is why we cannot worship. It is from a heart that has been truly set free that we can worship. I think that often times we think this is how it is and this is how it always has to be, but that is just another lie from the pit of hell that keeps us from being all that we can be in Christ. I find that is refreshing to be able to go into church and worship with a group of believers. Afterall, we fight the world day in and day out, and it is something about being in the presence of other believers that makes us stronger to face what next will come our way. But the problem is, we can’t just wait until Sunday to worship. It has to be a lifestyle. Something that is practiced everyday. As a worship leader, whether it be on the platform, or in the choir loft, we cannot take others where we have not gone ourselves. This is something that has really hit home with me lately. The other thing is, I cannot make someone come with me. I can give them the opportunity to go into the presence of God but they will not go unless they want to. You cannot coerce people into it. Yeah, there are churches who work up people’s emotions and get an emotional response out of them, but when they walk out of the church doors, it is all over with. That is not true worship, that is entertainment. Again, an encounter with God is a life changing experience. Those who can worship and trust God when all hell breaks loose in their lives, have had an encounter with God. So many churches have become so “seeker friendly”, that we have lost our purpose. We are so afraid that we are going to offend somebody, so we play some music that makes them tap their feet, and give them a message that makes them feel good about themselves. What an injustice we are doing if we do this Sunday after Sunday. Again, the truth that God keeps bringing to me is that many who say “Lord, Lord” will not enter the kingdom of Heaven. They are banking their eternity on the fact that they prayed a prayer or that they go to church, or that they follow a moral code. There is going to be alot of good people in hell. It is our responsibility to make sure that this doesn’t happen. We have to teach people how to walk out their faith. That is why discipleship is so important.

What is worship to you? Is it more than just music? What does it involve? Just a few questions to help challenge us to be all that God has created us to be.