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Racoon Bite Causes School to Lock down……

I came across this today and thought it was absolutely hilarious. I could so see this happening in South Georgia!

Raccoon bite causes school to lock down in Swampscott

SWAMPSCOTT – Officials decided to lock down the Clarke School Tuesday after a raccoon bit a school crossing guard minutes before school was released for the day.

According to Detective Sgt. Tim Cassidy, Judith Hapgood was stationed at the Clarke School on Norfolk Avenue just after 2 p.m. when she felt something rub against her leg and was then bitten by a raccoon.

School Resource Officer Rose Cheever was contacted and she immediately contacted officials at Clarke School and administrative offices.

Cassidy said the school was placed in lockdown until the raccoon was disposed of. He said the animal was located behind a house across from the school and Sgt. Richard McCarriston euthanized the raccoon.

Calls to Principal Lois Longin were not immediately returned on Tuesday but Superintendent Matthew Malone said students were inside the school when the incident occurred.

“It was at the conclusion of the school day just prior to dismissal,” he said. “A raccoon attacked and bit one of our highly valued employees. We wish her the best in her recovery.”

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Cassidy said Hapgood was taken to North Shore Medical Center to receive treatment for the animal bite.

Malone said school and public safety officials worked together to ensure the safety of the students.

“Everyone did a phenomenal job today,” he said. “School and public safety officials did an outstanding job. We used an alternate door for dismissal and the students were dismissed in an orderly manner.”

According to Cassidy, Marblehead Animal Control Officer Betsy Tufts took the dead animal to be tested for rabies.

Malone said parents of Clarke School students were notified about the incident using the Connect-Ed telephone system.