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The Simplicity of the Gospel

I was having a conversation with our chaplain at work today.  She was saying how she was amazed at the spiritual bent that some of our kids display. She said she really wants to do a study on spirituality with special needs. I wondered at how much some of our kids really grasped and she proceded to put it into perspective for me. She referred to one of our kids who’s IQ falls between 40 and 50 and when asked to draw a picture, drew a picture of herself and very simply put God good. I laughed and said that maybe these kids have a better understanding of God than we do. As adults, we have a tendency to make everything so blooming complicated. Most of the time we are to intellectual for our own good.

I have to believe that the Gospel is just that simple. This child may not be able to count past ten or say her alphabet but she has grasped that God is good. I also have to believe that one day when we get to heaven we may see more special needs people than we do preachers or theologians. After all, Jesus said unless we become like a little child, we cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.


Heavy Hearted

Tonight I am heavy hearted. I love the work I do but there are days that it realy emotions just couldn’t make sense of it. Today was a day that I questioned why evil is allowed to run rampant in this world. Today was a day that I wondered why children had to suffer for the sins of someone else. I know God is good and I know God is in control but these are the days that I can’t make it all make sense. The good thing is, God knows my heart and my heavy heartedness and while these questions may never be answered here on earth, I know that one day I will understand it all.This is an old song but it has been rolling around in my head all night.