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My Week at Twitter

Last week was busy so I didn’t get around to this post so here it is back again!

Merry Christmakwnazauka!! Just trying to be politically correct!! Merry Christmas anyway! – Opening christmas gifts

Eating christmas eve dinner @ Waffle House

Change of plans. We r now @ Taco Mac

Going to Christmas Eve service with the fam!

Stick a fork n me im done 4 the week! Atl here i come!

Spending 10 hours n a van with 5 teenage girls….pergatory!!

Just ordered 17 double cheeseburger meals from Mickey Ds!

Leaving @ 5am 2 go 2 Atl with 25 MR SEBD kids. Prayers appreciated! – Sonja is reserved 4 a man of God

looking forward to sleeping on my new mattress tonite!! – What 2 get the person who has everything

My name is NOT Milton Bradley and I do not play games!!


My Week at Twitter – At a very interesting party

Going to help co-host a bridal shower tonight thanks to Dayquil and Zicam!

I am tutoring a kid that’s extremely ADHD. We may b here all night!

Expecting some crazy weather here today which means crazy weather= crazier kids! – 1 of my boys bought this 4 me @ the stor – Christmas store 4 the kids
Is wondering why the hallway in the office smells like wet dog???? – Seriously put your trash n the trash can – Beautiful day n south georgia – Fun @ choir practice

I am going for a stroll….keep falling asleep at my desk!

Have i mentioned how long monday morning meeting is?

This week was a very crazy week and I was sick by the end of the week. The next two weeks are full speed ahead. Next week’s twitter update should be rather interesting!

My Week at Twitter

I recently started Twittering and I have to say that it can be addicting. If you don’t know what Twitter is, it is a way to know what people are doing throughout the day. It gets interesting at times to say the least. I stole borrowed this idea from Tam. I am going to give you a rundown of some of the highlights of my week at Twitter. – Coffee disaster

@mandythompson – Well in that case, just get a bottle of Jack Daniels and you won’t remember that you are sick!

Thinks glitter was created from the pit of hell….i have it everywhere now!!

Helping do chapel with the little boys 2day

I am exhausticated!! (I think I just made up a new word)

Sitting n waiting room @ a psychiatric hospital. I hope they don’t make me stay!
Next stop….another psychiatric hospital. Holidayr r tough 4 r kids!
@inprogress when did @mandythompson become the grammar police?
@mandythompson yeah I guess you’re right but you sounded like an English teacher the way you corrected her!
@mandythompson it is good to have friends you can be condescending too when the opportunity arises!